• Advertising CRBT
    For the first time in mobile history:
    No need to get help from mobile network operators!
    Distribute your audio clips and videos to millions of subscribers,
    regardless of geographical borders and territories.

Advertising CRBT

The new medium for mobile advertising and marketing

Advertising CRBT

Advertising CRBT is a 10 sec. audio clip that comes before the normal beep while calling a friend/office/business and also a clickable banner together with a video clip of the whole advertisement when the call finishes.

Why mobile advertising?

Global mobile internet ad spending in 2016 – $101 billion
US mobile advertising spending in 2016 – $40 billion
China mobile ad spending in 2016 – $27 billion
Cost of a mobile app install in April of 2016 – $2,5 billion
US mobile video ad spending in 2016 – $4 billion

 Why mobile marketing?

71% of marketers believe mobile marketing is core to their business. (Salesforce)
68% of companies have integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy. (Salesforce)
58% of companies surveyed have a dedicated mobile marketing team. ( salesforce)
By 2019, mobile advertising will represent 72% of all US digital ad spending. (Marketing Land)
57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. (CMS Report)

Why Caller RBT for advertising?

10 seconds before the other party answers the call, the caller has the highest level of attention!
This idle time is brilliant for advertisement.

What is Advertising CRBT?

Advertising CRBT introduces a way to break through the advertising clutter by delivering advertising messages directly to targeted individuals via their mobile phones – a tool for everyday life that is carried and used by billions. Efficient media for the advertisers, great monthly revenue share for the developers and surprising prizes for the subscribers around the world.

How does it work?

1. Dial any phone number
2. You hear an audio clip
3. The other party answers the call and the audio sound cuts off
4. You finish your call
5. You see:

an image + a video about what you heard
Your points and monthly surprising prizes The charity issue
How to unsubscribe and deactivate

Do the end users welcome this?!

This medium does not disturb the subscribers since ads are played only at an idle time before a call.
To make sure of customer satisfaction, there is a period of 30 min between two ads. That means if a user makes more than one call in the period of 30 min, they will just hear one EC Advertising CRBT.
For every call a user makes, they will receive a point for surprising prizes at the end of each month.
A part of the total income from the advertisements will go for charities. Therefore there is no need for the end users to pay money every day to help charities.
The audio/video/graphic content are not focused on commercials but they also include entertaining, educational and psychological issues to make it sweet and fruitful for users.

Good news for philanthropists!

  • To become an angel of the poor, there is no need to spend any more money!
  • In EC Advertising CRBT, by every call you make via your mobile phone, a penny will be donated to the best and the most trusted charities.
  • You are not extra charged for your calls here since the advertisers are doing that on your behalf!

Good news for the advertisers and advertising agencies!

  • Reach millions of new customers
  • View real time reports and monitor the success of your marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Always hit your target market
  • Keep your campaigns up to date
  • Decide at which call of the subscribers every day, your campaign runs. The first call of every day, the second call, etc
  • Every end user will hear and see a unique advertisement maximum twice a day.

Good news for app developers!

Advertising CRBT enables you to monetize your app and provide a better user experience. We keep your app clear so that users can enjoy the pure version of your work. We have one plain agenda in mind, delivering a better user experience for end users while enabling app developers to earn a higher income from their apps.

Advertising CRBT provides an SDK for app developers to embed in their free app; a user who installs it, enjoys the app for free in return for hearing the EC Advertising CRBT audio ad before a call and for watching a video after the call.

The revenue share model for app developers :

For every call a subscriber makes, the app developer will get 10 percent of the total revenue taken from the advertiser. That means for example, if an application has 10.000 users and each user calls only 5 times per day, the developer will receive 10% of the total income multiplied by 5 by 10.000 by 30 days of the month that will be huge and guaranteed monthly payment.

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